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Strategic Steel Supply Solutions

3GM Steel is more than a broker. We strive to be an extension of your team by offering a collection of value-added services aimed at helping you reduce costs and speed up your procurement timeline. 


We’ve built long-standing and valuable relationships with qualified domestic and foreign mills that we leverage to customize a supplier network to fit your business.

Our supply chain management services extend well beyond just sourcing steel. We work with you to design comprehensive supply chains that span logistics, inventory control, processing, single-bill invoicing, and many other capabilities brokers don’t provide.


We work with you to find the right buying solution for your business. Our most common buying options are:

  • Spot: Order the quantity you need with no commitment for future purchases and let our just-in-time delivery take care of the rest. We keep a heavy-volume inventory of popular construction projects and maintain an extensive line of painted coil products. This also provides you with the opportunity to keep your inventory levels low, which keeps your inventory costs down.

  • Contract / Blanket: Utilize the flexibility of contract buying to release material in the quantity and frequency that fits your steel needs.

  • Trade: We leverage our supplier relationships and coordinate the delivery of material to your specified location


Our business has been built upon strong, direct relationships with international and domestic mills. We travel regularly to meet with executive leaders and inspect the production facilities of steel producers all around the world. We only partner with the best – companies that responsibly produce certified and/or high-quality products – ensuring that our customers only receive the best quality of product. We do the vetting and quality inspection work, so you and your teams can focus on growing your business.


We offer highly efficient distribution services to meet your needs. 3GM Steel’s experienced team arranges reliable and efficient transportation of purchased materials so your team doesn’t have to. From the place of production to the place of delivery, we handle transporter vetting, cargo scheduling and customs paperwork. We ensure any steel order is secured in a timely fashion and delivered by our in-land or sea transport.


We pride ourselves on being a reliable and approachable partner. We are committed to our customers from inquiry to delivery. Our goal is to learn your business and how we can best create value.

To deliver all orders to the highest standards, we place a strong emphasis on transparent communication and invite our partners to share their ideas and perspectives. Our professional know-how and client dedication have allowed us to set the benchmark and foster long-term partnerships.


3GM Steel helps alleviate cash flow challenges often presented by international trading – which often has a lead time between placing an order and receiving the goods of more than three months. We warehouse inventory and extend credit to our customers so they pay for goods when they are received, instead of at the beginning of the ordering process.

Stack of steel coil in storage warehouse. Steel coils handling equipment. Steel warehouse

What Can We Do For You?

It starts with you. We're not just here to sell steel. We're here to understand your needs and provide solutions. We love customer relationships that become true partnerships between our teams. Our primary goal is to get to know your needs, help you solve challenges, and work alongside you, offering insights that matter to you and your business.

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